Eemann Tech Competition Springs Kit for 1911 in .45 Caliber
Eemann Tech Competition Springs Kit for 1911 in .45 Caliber
Eemann Tech Competition Springs Kit for 1911 in .45 Caliber

Enhance your 1911 in .45 caliber with the Eemann Tech Competition Springs Kit, meticulously designed for competitors. This comprehensive kit includes all necessary competition springs, each crafted with superior specifications and enhanced power ratings to boost your pistol's performance in competitive scenarios.

Brand: Eemann Tech

Reference: ET-119045

RRP: 44.95 €

Transform your 1911 in .45 caliber into a competition-ready firearm with the Eemann Tech Competition Springs Kit ET-119045. This kit is not comprised of factory power springs but instead features competition springs with improved specifications and power ratings designed to enhance your pistol’s performance during competitive shooting. The package includes a variety of essential springs tailored to optimize functionality and reliability, ensuring better competition results. Typically, no fitting is required, allowing for instant installation in most cases, although some variations may necessitate professional installation.

The inclusion of three different recoil springs with powers of 15, 16, and 17 pounds in the Eemann Tech Competition Springs Kit (ET-119045) is a thoughtful design choice meant to provide competitive shooters with the ability to precisely fine-tune their firearm’s performance based on specific needs and conditions.

Here’s a breakdown of why having these options is beneficial:
– 15-pound Recoil Spring: This lighter recoil spring is suitable for shooters who are using lower power or reduced recoil ammunition. It requires less force to cycle the slide, which can be advantageous in reducing shooter fatigue and improving the speed of follow-up shots during rapid-fire stages in competitions. It’s also a good choice for shooters who prefer a softer shooting experience.

– 16-pound Recoil Spring: This spring is typically the standard weight for many handguns and is designed to perform optimally with factory-standard ammunition. It provides a good balance between reliability and manageability, making it a versatile choice for both practice and competition. It ensures that the firearm operates smoothly without being overly sensitive to variations in ammunition power.

– 17-pound Recoil Spring: This heavier spring is ideal for use with high-powered or +P ammunition, which generates more recoil when fired. The heavier spring helps manage this increased recoil, reduces wear and tear on the firearm, and ensures reliable cycling and performance under more extreme conditions. It can also help stabilize the firearm during shooting, potentially improving accuracy.

By including these three different spring weights, the kit allows shooters to adjust their firearm to perform efficiently with a wide range of ammunition types. This customization capability is crucial in competitive shooting, where even slight differences in the gun’s behavior can affect the shooter’s performance and scores. Adjusting the recoil spring based on the ammunition and shooting conditions can lead to better control, accuracy, and comfort, all of which are critical factors in competitive settings.


  • Specifically designed for 1911 in .45 caliber and similar models
  • Kit contains:
    • ET-111335 Eemann Tech Progressive Recoil Spring, 15lbs – 1 piece
    • ET-111336 Eemann Tech Progressive Recoil Spring, 16lbs – 1 piece
    • ET-111337 Eemann Tech Progressive Recoil Spring, 17lbs – 1 piece
    • ET-111161 Eemann Tech Main Spring, 15lbs – 1 piece
    • ET-111222 Eemann Tech Competition Sear Spring – 1 piece
    • ET-111081 Eemann Tech Magazine Catch Release Spring Light – 1 piece
  • Enhanced specifications for superior competition performance
  • Easy installation in most cases, may require a certified gunsmith depending on pistol condition or modifications