Eemann Tech Powder Measure Return Springs Set for Dillon
Eemann Tech Powder Measure Return Springs Set for Dillon
Eemann Tech Powder Measure Return Springs Set for Dillon

Dual-Pack Specialized Powder Measure Return SpringsSet  for Dillon Reloading Machines. Includes 2 pcs. in set.

Brand: Eemann Tech

Reference: ET-512001

RRP: 7.07 €

Introducing our dual-pack of meticulously crafted powder measure return springs, exclusively designed for Dillon Reloading Machines. Embodying precision and functionality, these return springs are essential for reloaders who seek optimum consistency and reliability in their powder dispensing process.


• Optimized Design: Specifically tailored for Dillon reloading machines, ensuring a flawless fit and enhanced operational performance.
• Precision-Made: Manufactured using high-caliber materials to promise reliable return action, facilitating consistent powder dispensing throughout numerous cycles. 
• Durable Construction: Built to withstand frequent usage, these springs assure sustained performance and minimal wear over extended periods. 
• Consistency Guaranteed: These return springs ensure that the powder measure resets accurately after each cycle, contributing to precise powder charges for every cartridge. 
• Hassle-Free Installation: Intuitive design allows for an easy installation process without the need for specialized tools.

Package Includes:

Two premium powder measure return springs, allowing users to keep a backup or use springs across multiple machines.


• Enhanced Reliability: By ensuring the powder measure’s efficient return after each dispense, it minimizes potential inconsistencies in powder charges, reducing the risk of misfires or irregularities. 
• Cost-Effective Solution: With two durable return springs in one pack, users get added value and longevity, necessitating fewer replacements in the long run. 
• Precision Assured: With each cycle, be confident in the consistent and accurate reset of your powder measure, ensuring dependable powder charges.
Precision on Demand: Whether using one or two springs, users can count on a reliable and consistent reset of the powder measure, ensuring accurate charges every time.


While these powder measure return springs are optimized for Dillon XL 650/750 reloading machines.

Final Thoughts:

For reloaders seeking to elevate the precision and dependability of their Dillon powder dispensing system, our dual-pack of specialised powder measure return springs is a must-have addition. Committing to excellence, these springs are poised to refine your reloading process.